What is Typo.com?

1TYPO is a free service where you can easily identify domain names that are typos of your current domain name. You can then register those typos to defensively protect your brand. Whether it is your company name, product name or personal name, you should register typos

What about registered typos?

2The TYPO service also identifies typo domains that are currently registered. You can then research these domains to see who the owner is. We also provide tools for researching the traffic, rank, value, links and much more information about the registered typo domains

What next?

3After registering your available typos, and identifying typos of your brand, you should explore the other available services to recovering, protecting, and monitoring your brand. Such steps may include filing a dispute (UDRP), negotiating to purchase the domain, or simply filing a notice letter to ensure that the typo is not being used in a manner that is confusing with your brand.